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ISRO & CNES plans constellation of 8-10 satellites for maritime surveillance



ISRO & CNES (France) plans constellation of 8-10 satellites for maritime surveillance: Details, Aim, Highlights

India's Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and France's CNES entered an agreement for maritime surveillance through a constellation of 8-10 satellites on the Indian Ocean region.

This will be India’s largest space cooperation with any country. Its main aim is to monitor sea traffic management.

Under the agreement, it will be developed by the ISRO and French space agency CNES. It would take less than five years to launch the satellites.

The mission would include Design and development of joint products: Techniques including those involving Automatic Identification System and To monitor and protect assets in land and sea.

ISRO and CNES other projects include:

MOU to share expertise on ISRO’s human mission programme Gaganyaan.

The joint missions Megha-Tropiques (launched in 2011) and Saral-Altika (launched in 2013).

Trishna satellite for land Infrared monitoring and the Oceansat3-Argos mission.

The Indian space agency’s two major missions on inter-planetary missions to Mars and Venus.



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