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Note Ban: Procedure to use mobile banking with mobile phones



Steps and Procedure to use Mobile Banking with your mobile phones, easy and safe

Firstly, register your mobile number and the accountholder would be provided with MPIN which means Mobile Pin.

Accountholder also needs to know IFSC code from the bank or check from your Pass Book

Then from registered mobile number dial *99# and after that the user would be asked to enter the first four characters of IFSC Code.

After that on the mobile screen five options would be displayed.

Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Fund Transfer: MMID, Fund Transfer: IFSC and Generate OTP.

If the user wants to send money to another account select option Fund Transfer: IFSC.

Then enter the amount that the user wants to transfer and also enter the IFSC code of the bank of the person user wants to transfer.

Also enter the account number of the receiver of money and enter the MPIN.

With this, the person would receive the amount and text message would be sent to both the parties.




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