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Know About Deep Web & Dark Web: Details, Features, How To Access



Know About Deep Web & Dark Web: Details, Features, How To Access, Components, Highlights

Dark Web is a non-index part of the World Wide Web and can not be tracked with standard search engines like Google.

Dark Web is a small part of the Deep Web. It uses the Internet but requires specific software, configurations, or authorization to access it.

Dark Web users identity remain confidential. That is why illegal goods like weapons or drugs are available here. Cyber-criminals also appear to be accessed here.

Dark Web can also be called as the underworld of the internet in a way where fatal weapons, people's credit card/debit card details, e-mail address, people's phone numbers, drugs, fake currency, and other things are easily available. 

In India, the Cyber ​​Crime Department in Bangalore reported that in the last few months the cases of criminals using the dark web have come up. They say that since not all cases fall into the trap, there is a great possibility that criminals are using the dark web more than their estimates.

Deep Web

Deep web also is known as the invisible or hidden web. It is a part of the World Wide Web that consists of sites which are hidden and need special browsers access.

Working of the deep web takes place outside the purview of the surface web. A person cannot access the deep web using normal search engines as the pages on the deep web are not indexed.

The deep web works using the Onion Router which is also known as ‘Tor’ One needs to download and install Tor. Tor is a software which installs and sets up a specific connection which is required to access the deep web.

Tor is basically an encrypted technology which enables the users to hide their identity and prevent snooping on their activities. Thus it is perfect for criminals to grow.


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