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GK Questions 11th May 2019 General Knowledge, Current Affairs



Daily GK Questions 11th May 2019 General Knowledge, Current Affairs

1. When is the National Technology Day celebrated?

Ans:- 11th May

2.  Which magazines recently released its cover featuring the image of PM Narendra Modi with the headline ‘India’s Divider in Chief’?

Ans:- TIME

3. Which state police deployed the first ever anti-Naxal women's commando unit??

Ans:- Chhattisgarh

4. Iran has given how many days to the European Union, Russia, and China to implement its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal??

Ans:- 60

5. According to the UN Report Why Royal Bengal Tigers survival is in danger?

Ans:- Climate Change & Rising Sea Level

6. Which nation has passed a new bill to fight fake news?

Ans:- Singapore 

7. From when Chardham Yatra begins?

Ans:- 7th May 2019

8. Which place did Facebook choose as a base for WhatsApp Pay?

Ans:- London

9. India’s new species of reddish-brown pit viper was recently discovered in which state?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh

10. Which day is celebrated as International Nurse Day?

Ans:- 12th May

11.  Which country recently reported the first ever case of the Monkeypox Virus?
Ans:- Singapore
12. Which institution passed a landmark law to make reporting sex abuse obligatory?

Ans:- Catholic Church

13. When was the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day celebrated?

Ans:- 8th May 

14. Which Golfer received US Presidential Medal of Freedom 2019?

Ans:- Tiger Woods

15. What is the name of Haematologist that Google Doodle marked 131st birth anniversary On 10th May 2019

Ans:- Lucy Wills 


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