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Edge Computing Drawbacks, Disadvantages, In capabilities, Challenges



What are the drawbacks of edge computing?

One downside of edge computing is that attack vectors can be rising. With the introduction of more "intelligent" systems such as edge servers and IoT devices with sophisticated built-in processors, it is possible to jeopardize malicious actors.

Another disadvantage of edge computing is that more local hardware is required.

While an IoT camera, needs a built-in computer for sending its raw video data to a web server, a far more sophisticated, processing powerful computer would be needed to run its own motion detection algorithms.

Yet the lower hardware costs make developing intelligent systems cheaper.

If wee wants to take advantage of edge servers, one way is to fully eliminate the need for additional hardware.

Cloudflare clients, for example, will have edge codes operating worldwide on 194 geographically-distribute edge servers.


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