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NITI Aayog partners with NVIDIA its deep learning technology for MoveHack Event



NITI Aayog partners with NVIDIA its deep learning technology for MoveHack Event: Details, Purpose, Highlights

NITI Aayog has made computer chip manufacturer NVIDIA its deep learning technology partner for supporting its MoveHack event.

MoveHack is global mobility hackathon event organized by NITI Aayog to crowdsource solutions aimed at the future of mobility in India.

Deep learning technology is a subset of machine learning (ML) in artificial intelligence (AI) that has networks capable of learning unsupervised from data that is unstructured or unlabelled.

As deep learning technology partner, NVIDIA will help NITI Aayog to solve the grand challenge of making innovations in mass mobility matter of national importance using Artifical Intelligence (AI) and deep learning.

NVIDIA will provide participants in MoveHack event with graphics processing unit (GPU) and deep learning technologies, as well as remote access to NVIDIA DGX systems, purpose built deep learning supercomputers. Moreover, participants will also get a chance to be mentored by experts from the chip-making company.


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