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Edge Computing : Benefits Of Connected world using Edge Computing



What are the Benefits of Edge Computing?

The need for speed for the internet as well as the process has been increased and that can be fulfilled by Edge computing technology in which computation occurs near the data source. Computation near the data source decreases the latency and increases the bandwidth and privacy for the network and process occurring in the background.

The elimination of the latency is another significant benefit of the transfer processes to the edge.  Whenever a device needs to communicate with a remote server, it causes a delay. Assume  Two co-workers in the same workplace communicating through an IM network, will encounter substantial delays when each message must be moved out of the room, shared with a server globally and retrieved until it appears on the recipient's computer.

This noticeable delay would not exist if this procedure was brought to Edge Computing, and the internal router of the company will always responsible for the transmission of in-bureau chats.

Edge computing can provide new functionality that wasn't previously available. For example, a company can use edge computing to process and analyze their data at the edge, which makes it possible to do so in real-time.

Key benefits of edge computing are:


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