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The difference between Gandhian economics and Nehruvian economics



The difference between Gandhian economics and Nehruvian economics And development in the 1990s

It was Nehruvian economics which also caused significant structural changes in Indian economic development in the 1990s, which took place in 1959-60 after Nehru's death.

Nehru started with the Mahalanobis strategy; the course of development. He helped in India becoming independent by refocussing on the functioning of the RBI and the government.

Their main idea was to restore agriculture so that it could be more efficient and technologically advanced. To give information about development, they were never impressed with the scholars who announced the essence of setting up the industry completely.

He always maintained that without agriculture, while advancing in industrialization, the primary occupation of majority in India now and then couldn't be compromised.

Nehru sowed his seeds during his prime ministerial tenure, liberalization, globalization, and privatization which found their way in 1991 in India. However, there was a too much defiance back then to his international scheme of things.

The major sector where Gandhian economics succeeded over Nehruvian is education: primary education. Nehru somehow neglected the importance of education during his development years which was a major drawback of his era.


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