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GW170817 proves gravitational waves give colliding neutron stars with GRB



LIGO and VIRGO observations from GW170817 uncovers Gama Ray bursts mystery, opens ways to explore astronomy of neutron stars

For the first time, scientists around the world able to photograph a collision between two neutron stars, around 130 million light years away from the planet earth on 17th August 2017.

This time gravitational waves astronomy helped scientists to understand mysterious gamma-ray bursts released with the merger of those two neutron stars taking part in GW170817.

The merger of neutron stars formed a more complex neutron star releasing gamma rays detected by Fermi lab satellites in the space.

Gravitational Waves can be produced in neutron stars collision or merger of binary black holes.

This is now proved that the event GW170817 that gamma rays get released along with gravitational waves at the merger of neutron stars. While the merger of neutron stars sucks any visible emission hence left undetected by telescopic instruments.

GW170817 also proves Albert Einstein for the speed of gravitational waves traveling at the speed of light.


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