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Gravitational Waves GW170814 features, facts, distance, location in cosmos



Black holes merger event GW170814 features, distance from earth, location in cosmos, detection details

Fourth Gravitational Waves discovery in the form of GW170814 becomes the first event discovered by three gravitational waves detectors located across the globe.

The event GW170814 merger of two black holes took place on 14th August 2017.

With the help of third gravitational waves observatory, EGO-Virgo located in Italy its location in the sky is 10 times more precise than previous three gravitational waves event.

The event GW170814 took place around 1.8 billion light years distance from the earth observatories.

GW170814 event took place between two black holes of 31 Suns and 25 Suns equivalent masses. The event releases around 3 Suns energy while post-merger resultant blackholes observed with mass 53 Suns.

The Advanced LIGO detectors Hanford Washington USA, Livingston, Louisiana USA and VIRGO Cascina, Italy detected this universal event for the first time altogether across the globe which is the prime requirement of the experiment.

By 2018, Scientists in the field of gravitational waves research confidently to get 3 or 4 Gravitational Waves event every week with constant development in the research field of detection of gravitational waves and more advanced observatories across the globe.

These Gravitational waves may help to under stars and unravel the mysteries of supernovae and cosmos in coming decades of science and research.


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