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Western architecture and sculpture ( Greek architecture), Corinthian style, religious

An art of temporal beauty with proverbial impact

Greek architecture and sculpture-
The most striking feature of Greek culture was that his vision in art and culture was largely proverbial. His whole effect of this thought is reflected in his architecture and sculpture. The thinking of many external powers on Greek culture also had complete effect. Circa 1000 B.C. Around the area in the north of Greece, the Ionian people invaded Dorian and the east. These two powers taught a lot to Greek culture.

While Dorian brought with him the art of building wooden buildings, Ayonians brought rhetoric with them. This was the time when Athens was the most influential city-state. During this period, the use of chestnut in building construction started. Acropolis of Athens is the most prominent example of this. This building was used to accomplish administrative and religious activities.

Fourth century BC The Greek architecture and sculpture around gave birth to a new style of Corinthian. It was a style that emphasized a lot of emphasis on adornment. Greek artists also showed their sculpture in sculpture and created beautiful statues of goddesses, heroes, heroines etc.

The Greek artists also showed their sculpture in sculpture and created beautiful statues of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines. The most notable thing of Greek sculpture is the temporal form of idols. Tried to show body shapes in a very strong and precise form.



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