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WEF: Indian Economy gets 58th Rank in 140 Countries Economy Report



World Economic Forum (WEF): India 58 rank out of 140 countries and their economical condition

World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a list of 2018 with competitive economies on October 16, 2018. India is at number 58 in this list. The US remains on top of the list this year. America has been number one on the first time since 2008.

According to the World Economic Forum, India has improved five points in the rankings or rankings compared to the year 2017. In this report, India is at 58th place with 62 points. List of World Economic Forum includes 140 countries.

In the list of the 140 economies released by the World Economic Forum, Singapore is second and Germany at number three after the US. In the list, neighbouring country China ranked 28th in the list.

The first place in this list i.e. America has been replaced by the most competitive economy. India is ahead in all competing areas other than health, education and skill.

Sri Lanka is ahead of India in these areas. Healthy life expectancy in the island country is 67.8 years and education is also better in the workers there.
The top 10 countries in this list of the World Economic Forum include the US, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Britain, Sweden and Denmark.

In this list, Russia is ranked 65th with 65.6 points, South Africa is 67th with 60.8 points and Brazil is 72nd with 59.5 points.


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