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Justice: Conceptions of justice with special reference to Rawl's theory of justice



Justice: Conceptions of justice with special reference to Rawl's theory of justice and its communication critiques

The concept of Justice:-

Justice is such a basic concept of social philosophy that has been considered from that has been considered from the beginning of social thought. There have been many types of justice explained in history. Justice is a legal, ethical and ontological phrase. After the emergence of human civilization, the concept of justice is the central place. In simple term, Justice takes action according to the requirements of certain law.

Rawl's theory of justice:-

In A Theory of Justice, Rawls started with the statement that, ''Justice is the first virtue of social institution,'' which means that a good society is structured according to principals of justice. Rawls claims that existing principle of justice, developed in the field of philosophy, is not sufficient: ''My guiding aim is to work out A Theory of Justice that is a viable alternative to these doctrines which have long dominated our philosophical tradition.

Communitarian critiques:-

Rawls theory of justice was caught under criticism. There were many several reactions to Rawls' approach to defining the concept of justice as fairness that has centered upon an alleged incoherency. His problematic in the dispute was that the principles of justice should be viewed as political in opposition to a more comprehensive view of the good, but still believe that as a political, the moral basis of justice was also criticized.







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