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Liberals, Radicals, Conservatives and Church of England



 Liberals, Radicals, Conservatives, Church of England, And Elected Parliamentary Government

The Liberals: The liberals were in favor of a change in society. They wanted a nation based on religious tolerance and equality among all religions. We should remember that at this time European states generally discriminated in favor of one religion or another, For example, Austria and Spain favored the Catholic Church whereas Britain favored the Church of England.

Liberals were against the unrestricted powers of dynastic rulers They argued for a representative, elected parliamentary government, subject to law interpreted by a well trained and independent judiciary. However, they were not ‘democrates’.

They did not believe of adult franchise, i.e., the right of every citizen to vote. They had a belief that men of property, in particular, should have the right to vote, similarly, they were not in favor of woman’s voting right.

The Radicals: The radicals were in favor of a thorough or complete political or social reform. They wanted a nation in which the government was based on the majority o a country’s population. Many of them supported women’s suffragette movements.

They opposed the privileges of great landowners and wealthy factory owners. They did not reject the concept of private property but opposed the concentration of the property in a few hands.


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