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Micro Irrigation vs Canal Irrigation: A comparison and differences



Micro Irrigation is superior to Canal Irrigation, Comparison, Differences between two irrigation methods

Both Micro Irrigation and Canal Irrigation are irrigation methods used in Agriculture. Agriculturists take advantage of both mechanisms on their land as the availability of systems and resources.

There are some important differences between these two irrigation methods. That makes Micro Irrigation more modern and ergonomic than canal irrigation.

Below are the Differences between Micro Irrigation vs Canal Irrigation

Sr.No. Type/Case Micro Irrigation Canal Irrigation
1. Efficiency Nutrients are given directly to the plant in the row. Not possible to reach every plant in an organized manner.
2. Atmosphere Water is used very accurately avoiding loss of vaporization to the atmosphere A lot of water gets evaporated into the atmosphere in canal irrigation
3. Land Fertility Micro Irrigation techniques save the land from getting damaged. The Canal Irrigation method has more chances to damage the fertile land.
4. Land Use The land is not always acquired for irrigation purposes. In the canal, irrigation land is subject to be used for the canal architecture and water flow.



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