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Discovery of 11 protostars near Center of Milky Way Galaxy Black hole



American astronomers have discovered 11 protostars, three light years away from Milky Way galaxy's black hole.

Researchers from Northwestern University, US say that the force coming out of a black hole is equal to that of Jwar Bhata which separates the cloud of dust and gas before the star is formed.

The galaxy or the Mandakini is called our Milky Way galaxy, in which the earth and our solar system are located. In the galaxy shape is a spiral galaxy, which has a large centre.

There are stars between 100 billion and 400 billion in the galaxy and it is estimated that there will be about 50 billion planets, of which 50 million are at the distance of keeping the life-sustaining temperatures from their stars. Our solar system is located on the outskirts of the galaxy and is circling the centre of the galaxy.

According to the principle of general relativity, a black hole is such an astronomical object whose gravitational field is so powerful that anything with light cannot escape its pull.

There is a one-way surface in the black hole, which is called the event horizon in which objects can fall, but nothing can come out. This is called "black" because it absorbs all the light falling on its surface and does not reflect anything.


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