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Milky Way Galaxy, Size, distance from center, Features, Position in cosmos



Milky Way Galaxy Position in cosmos, features, size, neighborhood

Galaxy is the part of cosmos, it is the collections of billions of stars nebula, black holes, and other cosmic things. These stars contain a solar system like ours. The name of the galaxy in which our solar system and we exist is named milky way.  

Milky Way galaxy has a disc shape with a diameter of about a hundred thousand light-years. Near the nucleus, its thickness is about ten thousand light-years and in other areas it five hundred to two thousand light-years thick.

Like other galaxies, the Milky Way galaxy also consists of star solar systems and lots of gases and dust. The exact distance of our sun from the center is unknown but it is approximately 33000 light-years. hence our solar system is much farther from the center.

Our galaxy is vast approx a hundred thousand light-years. All the milky way galaxy is rotating in space with faster speed of inner stars and slower speed of outer stars. The Sun which is about one third far from the center completes one round while rotating with the galaxy every 220 million years.


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