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Okha, Porbandar Gujarat railway stations are Green corridor



The Ministry of Railways declared Okha-Kanulas and Porbandar-Wansjaliya (Gujarat) as Green corridors

Green corridors can be described as the stations which will be free from human waste discharge on the tracks and trains running from these stations will be confined with bio-toilets.

29 trains on these routes consisting of approx. 700 coaches will be confined with bio-toilets and will aim at hygiene and cleanliness as a part of Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

First Green corridor was made in Tamil Nadu Rameswaram-Manamadurai section

The first Green Corridor section was made in Rameswaram-Manamadurai section Tamil Nadu in July 2016.

All trains passing through 141-km long Okha-Kanulas route and 34-km long Porbandar-Wansjaliya route will be equipped with bio-toilets.

The Ministry of railways have decided to equip all the coaches of trains confined with bio-toilets to stop human waste discharge on the tracks as a step towards Swach Bharat Mission.

Bio-toilets is the process by which human waste is collected in bio digester tanks below the toilets and is decomposed through a anaerobic bacteria. 


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