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Independence Day 2018: PM Narendra Modi Speech on Kerala's Neelakurinji Flower Detail

Independence Day 2018: PM Narendra Modi Speech on Kerala's Neelakurinji Flower that bloom after 12 years in Munnar-Details, Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave on Independence Day '15th August', is important in several ways. Narendra Modi started off his speech with beautiful blue flowers of 'Nilakurinji Flower' blossoming in the hills of Nilgiris, which is blooming after 12 years.

The valley of Kerala's Munnar Hill and slope has turned green from green to color. This view is also worth seeing for nature lovers as well as for those who are fond of travel. Prior to this, 12 years ago in Munnar, 2006, Nilakurinji was feeding flowers.

Narendra Modi mentioned this Nilakurinji Flower because it is feeding after 12 years. India has completed 71 years of independence and since then the flower has been feeding only 6 times. The last time this flower was feeding in 2006, now it is blooming in 2018. 

Next time, Nilakurinji Flower in Munnar hill will be opened in 2030.

However, in many other hill stations of South India, even sporadic plant of Nilakurinji is found, but it blossoms only in Munnar. 

Nilakurinji Flower blooms abundantly between the green mountains of Munnar. When this beautiful plant starts to flourish, at Munnar you see this flower all around. From this especially blooming blue flower which is abundant, Munnar is completely painted in blue color.


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