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NASA Invites People for International Space Station Tourism

NASA Invites People for International Space Station Tourism: Details, Features, Price, Highlights

NASA has announced on 7th June 2019 that it is inviting people & Business Ventures around the world for International Space Station 2020 Space Tourism. 

For staying there for one night in the Orbit Researching Lab, tourists will have to pay $ 35,000 (about Rs 24 lakh). 

NASA official informed that International Space Station (ISS) is going to open for commercial opportunities and with the help of this marketing it will be possible, which they have never done before.

This could be limited to one or two private astronaut missions each year. This kind of mission can be extended up to 30 days. NASA claims that in this way, almost a dozen tourists can go to the space station every year.

At present, only two private companies are working on sending tourists to space and are preparing a transport vehicle for it. 

1. Allen Musk's SpaceX is a Dragon Capsule 

2. Starliner aircraft being prepared by Boeing

These companies will be able to pick up their clients and send them to the trip, which may prove to be the most expensive adventure for them. Dwight said that for a round trip of such a trip, it would cost $ 5.8 million (about $ 4 billion) on a ticket.

Dennis Anthony Tito has been here as a space tourist in 2001 . He paid Russian $ 20 million (about $ 1.4 billion) for this trip.

Note: International Space Station (ISS) does not belong to NASA. It was built along with Russia starting in 1998, and other countries participate in the mission and send up astronauts.


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