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National Education Policy 2020 tackling problems in Higher Education ecosystem



National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) challenges problems in higher education in India Post 10+2 system

Major problems faced by the higher education system in India prior to NEP 2020 are:

(a) NEP 2020 to face a severely fragmented higher educational ecosystem.

(b) NEP 2020 to face Low level of emphasis on the development of cognitive skills and learning outcomes.

(c) NEP 2020 to face a challenge from the rigid separation of disciplines, with early specialization and streaming of students into narrow areas of study Like Maths, Science or Arts, Culture, and Languages. 

(d) Poor access particularly in socio-economically disadvantaged areas, with few Higher Educational Infrastructure that teaches in local languages. 

(e) NEP 2020 to tackle the issue of limited autonomy for teachers and institutions.

(f) Incompetent mechanisms for merit-based career management and progression of faculty and institutional leaders. 

(g) Very Low emphasis on research at most universities and colleges and lack of competitive peer-reviewed research funding across disciplines. 

(h) An ineffective regulatory system with large affiliating universities resulting in low standards of undergraduate education.


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