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UN imposes Paris agreement date from 4th November 2016



United Nations announces the date for imposition of Paris Agreement for Climate change from 4th November 2016

It has announced the date after 11 countries have submitted their instruments of ratification.

Total 74 countries have submitted their instruments of ratification including India for 56.87% global emissions.

To impose this agreement, 55 countries must produce 55% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Aim to adapt inevitable climate change

The main aim of this agreement is to assemble all parts of the society to reduce emissions and to adapt the inevitable climate impacts.

The agreement is within the UNFCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) framework where 191 countries signed the framework.

UN has declared the date of imposition when Germany, Hungry, Nepal and other countries have joined the agreement and deposited the instruments for ratification on 5th October.

This agreement will come into force at Marrakech Climate Conference in Morocco to join the first meeting of the agreement.


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