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Former President Pranab Mukherjee Launched ‘NETA’ Mobile App 'Leaders Ka Report Card'

Former President Pranab Mukherjee Unveiled National Electoral Transformation ‘NETA’ Mobile App: Details, Features, Aim, Use

Former President Pranab Mukherjee had unveiled the National Electoral Transformation (NETA) mobile application to rate Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs).

The 'NETA' Mobile App was developed by young entrepreneur Pratham Mittal (27 years old)It is first of its kind platform in India that allows voters to rate and review the political representatives in their constituencies.

The 'NETA' Mobile App aims to cater political accountability and transparency among leaders. It is inspired by the US’ approval system. Using it, voters can review and rate their elected representatives (MLAs, MPs, and Ministers) and hold them accountable as well. It will also help determine the popularity of politicians and electoral candidates, using public polls.

The 'NETA' Mobile App is also seen as an instrument to gauge voter sentiment across constituencies in the country. It uses multiple mediums like the app, IVR calls, SMS and even offline activations with help of Aashawadi and Aanganwadi workers to gather data on evolving political inclinations.

The 'NETA' Mobile App is available on Andriod and iOS and web in 16 languages to cater to a diverse user profile. It uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one-time password (OTP) and Aadhaar numbers to ensure that voters who rate leaders are genuine.

The 'NETA' Mobile App was piloted during February 2018 bypolls in Rajasthan’s Ajmer and Alwar constituencies. It was later used in Karnataka ahead of the assembly elections in May 2018.

Currently, the 'NETA' Mobile App in its beta version has already seen over 1.5 crore voters rating and reviewing their local leaders.


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