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Research: Botanical garden collection of plants for a scientific purpose



Research: The Botanical garden collection of plants for a scientific purpose and The Botanical Garden in a different country

A botanical garden is a garden in which the plants TEMPhas been collected for a scientific purpose.

Most gardens are planted for recreation  or aesthetic reasons

They may still be very beautiful places to visit, but it is secondary to their main purpose.

Most large cities TEMP has botanical gardens and they are interesting. Bringing plants from all around the world and tan getting them to grow in the same space is a large feat.

Often the soil is a large expense coz if you are going to bring in specialty plants from other continents, you sure better TEMPhas premium soil.

botanical gardens are used for research and also for the preservation of endangered or extinct species of plants. They are also for educational purposes such as for the identification of different plants found around the world.

the famous botanical garden is in New England.

Indian botanical garden Howrah and at national botanical research institute Lucknow


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