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SATAT Initiative: Facts, Features, Benefits of Bio-gas, Opportunities



Key Facts & Benefits of SATAT initiative and promotion of biogas in transportation

The progress is assumed to increase the availability of extra affordable transportation fuels and invest greater use of agricultural excess, animals sludge and area solid waste. It is suspected to cover the method for experienced municipal solid waste management and help in tackling the crisis of polluted urban air due to farm stubble-burning and carbon radiations.

It will increase entrepreneurship, rural distribution and contracting and contribute an added source of wealth to producers. It will also help guide the nation’s climate reconstruction goals and bring down the dependency on natural gas and crude oil imports and act as a buffer against crude oil and gas price fluctuations. The Working Group on Biofuels, set up under the National Policy on Biofuels 2018, is in the process of finalizing a pan-India pricing model for Compressed Bio-Gas.

The Compressed Bio-Gas networks can be integrated with city gas distribution (CGD) networks to boost supplies to domestic and retail users in existing and upcoming markets. Besides retailing from OMC fuel stations, Compressed Bio-Gas can at a later date be injected into CGD pipelines too for efficient distribution and optimized access of a cleaner and more affordable fuel.


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