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Different satellite orbits as GTO, LEO,MEO, GEO



Different satellite orbits as GTO, LEO, MEO, GEO, and Their Advantage

Geostationary Earth orbit

These satellites have almost a distance of 36,000 km to the earth.

E.g. All radio and TV, whether satellite etc, are launched in this orbit.


1.    It is possible to cover almost all parts of the earth with just 3 geo satellites.

2.    Antennas need not be adjusted every now and then but can be fixed permanently.

3.    The life-time of a GEO satellite is quite high usually around 15 years.


Satellite at different orbits operates at different heights. The MEO satellite operates at about 5000 to 12000 km away from the earth's surface.

These orbits have a moderate number of satellites.

1.    Compared to the LEO system, MEO requires only a dozen satellites.

2.    Simple in design.

3.    Requires very few hangovers.

Low Earth orbit

LEO satellites operate at a distance of about 500-1500 km.

1.    The antennas can have low transmission power of about 1 watt.

2.    The delay of packets is relatively low.

3.    Useful for smaller footprints.

Highly Elliptical orbit 

This orbit is made for satellites that do not revolve in circular orbits a very few satellites are operating in this orbit. 


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