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India becomes 71st nation to join United Nations TIR convention



India joins United Nations TIR convection as 71st Nation, benefits for India joining TIR Convention 

India becomes 71st nation to join United Nations TIR convection on Monday, 19th June 2017. India will get to boost his business in South Aisa and other country with this step of entering into TIR convention.

With the entry of India in TIR convention, India get to define business centre as a powerful nation in South Asia.

India has gone with many problems in dealing with middle east and European countries transportation. After the implanation of TIR convention India becomes able to cut cost and time in goods transport with other part of the world.

India's benefits with TIR Convention

United Nations TIR Convention is a international Goods transport agreement it is handle  by International Road Union (IRU). 

TIR convection is developed by IRU and adopted in 1975.

According to IRU Chief Secretary Umberto D preto, India's entry in TIR convention opens ways for goods transport in South Asia. TIR Convention helps india in business deal with Myamar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

India will get maximum benefit in goods frights from Chabahar, Iran to Afghanistan and other European countries.  


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