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World Quality Day 12 November 2021 : Details , History



World Quality Day 12 November 2021: Details, History 

Every year on 12 November, the world commemorates World Quality Day. The goal of the day was to raise global awareness of the critical role that quality plays in both organizational and national progress and prosperity.

History of the day

World Quality Day is a day to recognize accomplishments and promote awareness about how quality, systems, and process approaches can have a significant impact on human lives. The Quality Organizations of Europe (EOQ), the United States (ASQC), and Japan (JUSE) founded World Quality Day in 1989, and it is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of November. The United Nations originally issued it in 1990 to promote public awareness of the critical role that quality plays in securing nations' prosperity.

The goal of World Quality Day is to raise global awareness of quality and to inspire personal and organizational progress and success. World Quality Day is an opportunity to emphasize quality, innovation, and sustainability as the pillars of our organization and to focus on the importance of quality in a global economy where success is dependent on them. Quality Management Associations throughout the world hold individual or networking events to commemorate World Quality Day.

While most people associate quality with produced goods, the Information Age has given rise to a new frontier for quality: information, which is a key and differentiating resource for enterprises in today's information economy. On this day, every employee and management in a business should focus on the quality of the information in their workplace and within their control.


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