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The Future of Water: The lack of water and the beginning of 'Water-War'



How the lack of water can cause 'Water-wars' among humans and countries?

Water is a prime need for human-being. From the basic level of drinking a glass of water regularly to watering a field, water is a massive part of our expenditures. There is only 0.3% fresh water available for the use of humans and other livings. Other 99% of water is unusable for humans.

There are several hotspots of water-sharing where the water of some rivers is shared with potential conflict to fulfill the regular water needs- 

1- The Ganges-Brahmaputra Water- this water is used between Bangladesh and India. 

2- The Nile water- this water is shared among 11 countries including Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda, Kongo, Kenya etc. 

3- The Indus water- this water is shared between India and Pakistan. 

4- The Tigris-Euphrates water- this water is shared among Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait. 

5- The Colorado River water- this water is shared between the United States and Mexico. 

This is just a single picture where the scarcity of water is opening its mouth to swallow thirsty humans. The lack of water can cause water-wars among countries which can be a great problem in this nuclear-age. Saving the water is a big necessity for succeeding generations. 


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