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World Braille Day 4th January 2022: About, Details, History, Significant



World Braille Day 4th January 

Every year on January 4, the birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille, World Braille Day is observed. The day honours Louis Braille's accomplishments to assisting blind and visually impaired individuals in reading and writing.

This day is used by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) all over the world to raise awareness about the difficulties experienced by visually impaired people and to push businesses and governments to provide economic and social possibilities for the blind.

Competitions and public outreach events are held by NGOs and disability organisations. Teachers in schools teach their students about the history of braille.

About world Braille Day

Braille is a touch-sensitive coding that uses bumps and indentations on a surface to encode letters. It was devised by Louis Braille, a Frenchman who was injured in a car accident when he was very young.

Visually challenged people read and wrote using the Haüy technique, which embossed Latin characters on thick paper or leather, before Braille established this mode of communication. This was a difficult system that required much training and only allowed people to read rather than write. Disgusted by this, Braille devised the Braille code at the age of 15.

Despite the fact that there are currently various different versions of Braille, Louis Braille's code was laid out in small rectangular blocks called cells with raised dots in a 3 x 2 arrangement. A letter, number, or punctuation was displayed in each cell.

Because Braille is a code, it may be used to communicate in any language or discipline, including mathematics, music, and computer programming.

Significant of the day

The goal of the day is to raise awareness of the braille language, which aims to bridge the gap between people who are normally abled and those who are differently abled. Coupvray, France, is home to the inventor of a widely used touch technology that allows blind people to read and write. After being irreversibly blinded at the age of three in his father's saddle-making factory, Braille invented a system of writing that used an awl-like instrument to punch symbols on a sheet that can be sensed and read by blind people.

Until Braille died of illness on January 6, 1852, in Paris, the method was mostly ignored. In a proclamation released in 2018, the United Nations proclaimed January 4th as World Braille Da


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