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Legislative Assembly vs Legislative Council Election Procedure, Features, Function

Comparative Study of the Legislative Assembly, Election Procedure, and the Legislative Council

Numbers of Members:- In the Legislative Assembly, there can be a maximum of 500 members and a minimum of 60 members. On the other hand, the number of Members of the Legislative Council cannot be more than 1/3rd of the Members of Legislative Assembly and, in no case, such number can be lower than 40.

Election Procedure:- The Members of Legislative Assembly are directly elected on the basis of Universal Adult Franchise. The Members of Legislative Council are elected in accordance with the system of proportional representation with the single transferable vote.

Officers:- The Members of Legislative Assembly elect one Speaker and one Deputy Speaker from amongst themselves. The Members of Legislative Council elect a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman from amongst themselves. These officers are elected to preside over the settings and to perform the other functions of the presiding officer of the respective House.

Control of the Executives:- The Council of Ministers of the State is responsible only towards Legislative Assembly and not towards the Legislative Council of the State. The Members of the Legislative Council can only criticize the functioning of the Ministers of the State. They cannot dismiss the Ministers by passing vote of no confidence. This can only be done by the Members of Legislative Assembly.


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