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One India Great India: A cultural link between Goa beaches and Jharkhand Forest



Maharastra and Jharkhand, Webinar between two states sharing their cultural views in the diversity of India under One India Great India agenda

Today, along with the press media offices of the ministry of media & radio, the webinar on 'Weaving cultural threads: Goa and Jharkhand,' which was coordinated by the Maharashtra, Goa and Jharkhand Regional Outreach Bureau (Maharashtras, Goas & Jharkhand). Influential writers, scholars, and artists from these countries shared their views on the links between these two States. 

The fascinating story of India was explored by Vivek Menezes, the journalist, curator, and photographer from Goa. "Two separate states, like Goa and Jharkhand, are part of the same country, there is no other location in the World. That's India's beauty! ", He said.

He found out that both states needed to join the mainstream in discussing the significant role they play in maintaining the rich heritage of the region.“The connections we are building through #EkBharatShreshthaBharat are important. This is India, I want to live in!”, he added.

Mahadev Toppo, an influential Jharkhand poet, started his speech by highlighting a fascinating observation on the methods of survival seen on famous TV realities that have been part of tribal life for years.

Mahadev Toppo highlighted tribal life's contribution to art and culture, saying "Fashion, fabric, and joy are inspired by the tribal life and indigenous communities throughout the world."

"We honor our animals and respect the forests and jungles. In the rainy season, Haryali Pooja is celebrated. For a certain amount of time, people stop visiting forests as part of this festival, so that new flora and fauna may flourish, "added Toppo.

Giridhari Ram Gaunjhu, who was a professor at the University of Ranchi, has added as another speaker in the webinar to Jharkhand's rich legacy of Community life. He said, "Jharkhand is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, a part of Gondwanaland.

He spoke about the various Jharkhand cultures. There are 32 villages, nine of which are indigenous tribes. Special iron weapons with unique anti-rusting properties are made by one tribe, called 'Asura.'

Arimardan Singh Singh, PIB's Additional Director General, Ranchi, said "India is a country of diversity." Jharkhand is a landlocked state whereas Goa is located at the sea shore. All nations have diverse environments, traditions, and lifestyles, but the basic cohesion is there.


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