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Google Doodle Celebrates Indian Social Activist Baba Amte 104th Birth Anniversary



Google Doodle Celebrates Indian Lawyer & Social Activist Baba Amte 104th Birth Anniversary: Details, Profile, Highlights

Today on 26th December 2018, Google celebrates eminent Indian lawyer and social activist Baba Amte 104th birth anniversary with series of colorful animated doodle images depicting Baba Amte's social working efforts in the medical field.

Baba Amte full name 'Murlidhar Devidas Amte' was an Indian lawyer and social activist. He devoted his entire life to India’s lower-caste Dalits and especially to the care of those individuals who suffered from Leprosy a kind of Hansen’s disease.

Baba Amte was born on 26th December 1914 to an affluent Brahmin family in Maharashtra district, British India. He died on 9th February 2008, after suffering cancer at Anandvan, Maharashtra, India.

Baba Amte was trained barrister but was so influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolent fight that he abandoned his legal career in the 1940s. He moved with his wife in a labor ashram, then studied leprosy at the Calcutta (Kolkata) School of Tropical Medicine.

Baba Amte in the year 1951 founded Anandvan, an ashram dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of leprosy patients. 

Baba Amte work earned him several prestigious international and national awards, notably the  Padma Shree (1971); The UN Human Rights Prize-1988, a share of the Templeton Prize 1990, and the Gandhi Peace Prize-1999.



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