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Nepal's first ever satellite “NepaliSat-1” successfully launched From USA



Nepal's first ever satellite “NepaliSat-1” successfully launched: Details, Features, Aim, Significance

Nepal has launched its first satellite “NepaliSat-1″ into space. The satellite was launched in the early morning (2:31 am) of Baishak 5, 2076 on 18th April 2019.

NepaliSat-1 satellite was launched by CygnusNG11 mission by NASA in Virginia, USA.

NepaliSat-1 satellite will be carried to the International space station (ISS) as a cargo.

With the launching of NepaliSat-1 Nepal has entered the Space-Era.

NepaliSat-1 is a low orbit satellite which will be in the 400-km distance from the Earth's surface. It will be stationed at the International Space Station for a month and then it will be sent to orbit the earth, according to NAST.

NepaliSat-1 satellite will take photographs on a regular basis to gather geographical information of the country.

NepaliSat-1 satellite has a Nepali flag and the NAST logo. It also has the name of the scientists involved in the making of the satellite.


Capital: Kathmandu (Also Largest City)

Currency:  Nepalese Rupee

Official Language: Nepali

Prime Minister:  Khadga Prasad Oli

President: Bidhya Devi Bhandari


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