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General Knowledge: how to protect Debit or Credit Card from fraud



Hackers stole money from Skimming device, Borb machine and fishing online portals

Hackers use Data skimming device to copy the information when the user swipes the debit or credit card.

After the card is swiped the hackers put skimming device into the swipe card machine to copy the information.

After that, the hackers make duplicate cards with the help of information and misuse the cards and for the PIN, the hackers put cameras near the swipe machine.

Borb Machine installed in swipe machine that stuck the card

If someone tries to look into your card when you are swiping or helps you when the card is stuck in the machine, be safe as these type of people want to know your PIN.

When the user puts the card in the machine, a Borb machine is installed in the machine which stucks the card in the machine.

Do not write PIN on the debit or credit card as hacker can stole and misuse it.


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