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Seismology: Analyzing the intensity and magnitude of an earthquake, Richter scale

Measurement of seismic waves with the help of Richter Scale

Earthquake or earthquake is called moving the surface of the earth. This happens due to seismic waves caused by sudden release of energy in the lithosphere of the earth. Earthquakes can be very violent, and in a few moments, there is a capacity to destroy people by hurting them and destroying the whole city.

Intensity of Earthquake
The intensity of the earthquake in some place is assessed on the ground and in the form of impact on humans. Destruction by the earthquake is done by the loss caused by buildings, dams, bridges and other objects. It is marked on a Mercury scale. Mercalli developed this scale in 1902 and it was modified in 1931 by Wood and Newman. It is now known as "Modified Mercalli Scale - M. M. Scale".

This scale depends on the experience gained by the human senses, the destructive effects etc. So this scale is qualitative, not quantitative. For this reason, it is not considered more realistic than the scientific point of view but it is often used because of being simple and intuitive.

The magnitude of Earthquake
The magnitude of an earthquake is the measure of the energy released by it. It is based on the amplitude of the seismic waves, acceleration, frequency and many other mathematical considerations. The magnitude of an earthquake is measured on the Richter Scale. This scale invented the famous earthquake Charles F. Richard F. (Richter) in 1935, was modified in 1965 by Beno Gutenberg. This is a logarithmic scale, There is no minimum and maximum limit. So far, earthquakes of up to 8.9 intensity have come on the Richter scale.


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