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French Revolution Effects in the History of Europe and the World



The French Revolution affected the course of events not only in France but also all over Europe and beyond it.

French Revolution Napolean Bonaparte crowned himself as the emperor of France. He conquered the neighboring countries and forced out dynasties.

He considered himself as the modernizer of Europe. The European wars considered himself as the modernizer of Europe. The European wars continued for a long span of 23 years.

It was only after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in the battle o Waterloo in 1815 that the people of Europe Could live in peace. These wars caused a heavy loss of men and material.

Liberty, equality and Fraternity, the watchwords of the French Revolution became a source of inspiration for different countries of Europe. Movements were launched in various European countries in order to rule out autocratic rule and set-up democratic principles and to achieve the rights of citizens.

The Revolution encouraged the growth and spread of nationalism all over the world. For example, in India Tipu Sultan and Raja Rammohan Roy took great inspiration from the ideals of revolutionary France.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man affected deeply the masses in different countries of Europe.


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