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Y2K Like Problem for Petrol Dispensing Units for Rs 100/- Per Litre Fuel in India



Y2K Like Problem with Petrol Dispensing Unit in India, Petrol Dispensing Units May face trouble for Fuel Prices above Rs 100/- per litre 

There is a big challenge for the Petroleum Industry, which is largely a technical challenge like the Y2K bug, known to the end of the last century. The industry will have to deal with this challenge very soon before the cost of petrol will be dealt with, if the price of petrol crosses 100 rupees per litre, then the dispensing unit on petrol pumps will stop working.

Fuel dispensing units, which have been installed on petrol pumps, have been set up by 2 points in rupees and after the decimal, i.e., money is also set for 2 points.

In this way the existing dispensing unit which can show the maximum price is Rs 99.99 If the price of petrol touched the level of 100 rupees, then the dispensing unit would show 0.00 rupees.

When the dispensing units were digitized, nobody thought that the price of petrol would reach 100 rupees a litre. Those people (Petroleum companies) are awake at the last moment.

The dealer and the consumers might suffer because of this because the system will take time to upgrade.


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