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M87 Galaxy Black Hole image is first image of Black Hole taken in April 2017



Messier 87 galaxy black hole is the first black hole observed by Astronomers

The interstellar medium in M87 is filled with gas that has been enriched somewhat by materials from stars that died long ago. There is dust in the galaxy, but far less than the Milky Way contains.

Astronomers made a public announcement of capturing the Balck Hole Image from the planet Earth on 10th April 2019. The data collected during the first week of April 2017 for M87 Galaxy Black Hole. M87 Balck Hole is one of the best objects in the Universe close to the Earth to observe the central reason and testing the general theory of relativity at such a grand scale.

Facts about M87 Black Hole and Black Hole Image

The black hole at the Center of M87 Galaxy has a mass of about 3.5 billion Suns.

M87 Black Hole is surrounded by a disk of material that is slowly funneling into the black hole, heated by the action of a jet that is moving at very high speed out from the black hole.

Following the brightness in visible, x-ray, radio, and other wavelengths of light the nuclear region of M87 is known as an active galactic nucleus. M87 is surrounded by a corona of hot gas.

The first ever image captured of a black hole was of the one at the heart of M87.


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