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Gmail alternative email features, advantages, storage capacity



Alternative email services to Google's Gmail for sending and receiving emails, features, advantages sotage capacity

Gmail has various tremendous features but does not allow services like storage space, better privacy.

Yahoo mail provides 1 TB of storage capacity, bigger file attachment, Tabs for multitasking, seamless integration etc.

iCloud Mail provides 5GB of storage capacity and 10 GB document storage, Ad-free and simple interface and is much supportive for business users.

AOL Mail has unlimited storage available, chat on instant messenger, text messaging, Spam and Virus control, Choice of Email address domains

Tutanota has features like end-to end encryption, uncluttered interface, extremely space and is secure.

Fast Mail has Ad free intuitive interface, pin important emails on the top, integrate calendar etc.

GMX provides unlimited storage, clean interface, bigger file attachment, calendar etc.


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