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India and Uk signed mou on cancer research initiative



India and Bio-Technology and Cancer Research Uk signed a MoU on cancer research initiative

Department of Bio-Technology and Cancer Research Uk signed a MoU for the India -Uk cancer research Initiative in New Delhi.

The partnership between the two is the collaborative 5-year bilateral research initiative that will focus on affordable approaches to cancer.

Both the countries will invest 5 million pounds each in this 5-year pilot and seek further investment from other potential funding partners.

The initiative will identify a core set of research challenges that address the issue of affordability, prevention, and care of cancer by bringing together leading India and UK experts.

The importance of this initiative is an aid to cancer prevention control and management in the long term.

It provides an opportunity to tackle the global epidemic of cancer by opening new pathways for international knowledge exchange and research base.

Basically, it is a step for a solution to affordable cancer care lie in building strategic and evidence-based research partnership that benefits the global cancer community.


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