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Indian Railways Plan Bee Technology, Features, Success in Saving Wild Elephant Life



Indian Railways Plan Bee successful in saving Elephants life on Railway Tracks, Plan Bee Features, Used Technology

Indian Railways initiative 'Plan Bee' is getting success in preventing accidental death of elephants. North East Frontier Railway (NFR) adopted 'Plan Bee' last year.

Under this, sound-based sound machines have been installed on the railway-crossing, from which the elephants stay away from the railway tracks with the sound of bees that leave them and the train avoids getting into the grip of accidents.

In many parts of the country, there are many incidents of collision with elephants' trains on railway crossings. last year that 35 elephants died on the railway track between 2014 to 2016 and in the year 2017, 5 elephants were killed in such accidents.

In April this year, 4 elephants hit the train in Jharsugida district of Odisha, killing four on the spot.

Railways have installed sound machines on the railway-crossing under the 'Plan Bee' to rescue elephants from which the elephants stay away from the rail tracks by the sound of the bees that leave them and the train escapes from the accidents. '

The sounds of the bees, like the buzzing sound from the sound instruments, can be heard from the elephant only 600 meters away.


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