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MoRTH: Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019: Importance, Features, Highlights



MoRTH: Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill: Importance, Features, Highlights

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) Minister Nitin Gadkari has introduced Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019 in the Parliament. 

Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019 aims to amend the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019 also initiates the development of a National Transportation Policy to make clear guidelines for the transportation of passengers and goods. Also,  this bill aims to simplify third party insurance for motor vehicles.


More than 1.50 lakh people die and 5 lakh people injured annually in road accidents. The amendment Bill proposes to exclude a clause of the Motor Vehicle Act to decide how to maintain their registers for driving licenses, to centralize vehicle registration data and achieve standardization.


Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2019 amends the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to tackle issues like regulation of taxi aggregators, third party insurance and road safety. 

Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2019 aims maximum accountability for third party insurance in case of a vehicle accident at Rs 10 lakh in case of death and Rs. 5 Lakh in case of grievous injury.

Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2019  also defines guidelines for cabs that will be finalized by the central government.

Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2019  promotes the digitalization of some specific services. For example services like - Issue of licenses or permits, application filing procedure, receipt of money (such as fines), and change of address.

Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2019 also modifies the compensation and insurance provisions in case of motor vehicle accidents.


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