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Tuberculosis: Causes, symptoms, prevention, data analysis



Tuberculosis (TB) reasons, symptoms, data & statistics

Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially serious infectious disease that mainly affects your lungs. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are spread from one person to another through tiny droplets released into the air via coughs and sneezes.

Many strains of tuberculosis resist the drugs most used to treat the disease. People with active tuberculosis must take several types of medications for many months to eradicate the infection and prevent the development of antibiotic resistance.

The WHO report says that the steps taken to identify patients with the disease and their proper treatment for TB prevention are also inadequate.

According to the latest report of the organization, in the year 2017, 10 million people were infected with TB, but only 64 lakh of these cases could be officially registered in government data.

According to the organization, the disease of more than 36 lakh people could not be identified at the right time nor could they be provided proper treatment, i.e. treatment of 64% of patients suffering from TB could be treated.

The organization says that the identification and treatment of patients with TB will increase from 64% to 90%, after which the world will be able to eradicate tuberculosis


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