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India and United States forms ‘USAID-India End TB Alliance’ to combat Tuberculosis



India and United States forms ‘USAID-India End TB Alliance’ to combat Tuberculosis: Details, Aim, Need, Highlights

India and United States on 27th September 2018, have formed ‘USAID-India End TB Alliance’ to jointly fight tuberculosis.

The ‘USAID-India End TB Alliance’ main objective is to achieve a TB-free India by 2025.


An alliance comprising leading experts in public and private sectors called ‘USAID-India End TB Alliance’ was formed in New York.

The ‘USAID-India End TB Alliance’ include industry and civil society leaders, academics, scientists, innovators, investors, and members of the diaspora.

The ‘USAID-India End TB Alliance’ team would offer innovative approaches to combat tuberculosis in India.


India accounts for 27 percent of the world’s TB cases, with 421,000 deaths per year. This accounts for one death per minute in India.

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