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International Dance Day Celebrated On 29th April 2018 Theme Aim Event

International Dance Day Celebrated On 29th April 2018- Theme, Details, Aim, Purpose, Event, Benefits

International Dance Day is celebrated on 29th April every year around the world to promote dancing.

International Dance Day is also celebrated as to mark the birthday of the creator of modern ballet, Novers Jean-Georges Noverre ((1727-1810).

International Dance Day aims to promote dance education and encourages participation of people in dance all over the world.

International Dance Day was first established by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in the year 1982.

On International Dance Day, UNESCO has officially designated International Theatre Institute (ITI) to conduct many events and festivals related to art of dancing.

International Dance Day-2018 will foresee grand events organised in Australia as a host city, selected by ITI.

International Dance Day-2018 event in Australia will be celebrated with the participation of dance performances, educationalist, choreographers, charitable project organizers and speeches made by ambassadors, dignitaries, dance personalities and the selected Message Author for that year.

Five Message Authors were selected for the 2018 event, one from each of the 5 UNESCO Regions. The Five authors are- Georgette GEBARA (Lebanon, Arab Countries), Salia SANOU (Burkina Faso, Africa), Marianela BOAN (Cuba, The Americas), Willy TSAO (China, Asia-Pacific) and Ohad NAHARIN (Israel, Europe). 

This year International Dance Day-2018 also marked the 70th establishment anniversary of ITI,

Dancing Benefits

Dancing has several health benefits and lightens the human mood. It helps people to express their emotion which makes them happy.

Dancing also strengthens heart and lungs activity, increases muscular strength, endurance and body fitness.


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