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Modi Govt. constituted Steering committee to monitor NIF Development Programs



National Indicators Framework (NIF): Steering committee constituted to monitor continuous development programs 

Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has approved the formation of a high-level Steering Committee to review and update the National Indicators Framework (NIF) for monitoring the continuous development programs (SDGs).

A high-level committee headed by Chief Statistician and secretary of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI) In the Committee, the data source will be in the form of secretaries of the Ministries and the Secretary of the Commission.

Apart from this, the secretaries of other affiliated ministries will be specially invited. Its work will be reviewed periodically by improving the indicators, including the national indicators framework.

This committee will review the National Index Framework and make these indices better. The committee will review the goals of sustainable development and national policies, programs and action plans.

The Committee will also present a report of the work done to fulfill the goals of sustainable development, on the basis of which the challenges arising in the way of fulfilling the goals will be met and the progress of the work will be increased.

The information source will be given to the Ministry of Statistics and the Ministry of Statistics of the Department of Statistics. Useful IT tools will be used for effective monitoring.


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