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World Health Summit Startup Award Universitatsmedizin Berlin Features, History



World Health Award in Universitatsmedizin Berlin for Healthcare Conference 

The World Health Summit Award starts in 2009 when 300th year anniversary of the Universitatsmedizin Berlin Germany.

This award denotes to Health Care Conference on Global health policy development.

It is held in Berlin, Germany in October.Many of the leaders involved in academic, science, politics and industry as well as stakeholders from the private & public sectors.

Its basic objectives of the award are keeping with the United Nation Declaration of Human rights (1948) which encourage health as fundamental human rights.

Main initiative of this Summit is to actively address these challenges by bringing together all the stakeholders from research, clinic and education tackle the major problem of health care.

Every year they focus on different topics and work on it.

In 2018 10th World Health Summit Award was held 2400 participants attended this Award. This Award is basically for the importance of health as it is one of the most important things that we should consider in our lives and this type of Award really encourage people and to be aware of this important topic.


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