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Plant Hormones: Introduction, Types, Occurrence, Functions, Role in plant development



Plant Hormones: Definition, division, location in the plant, works, role in the development of the plant

Plant hormones are known as phytohormones biological words. They are chemicals just like animal hormones that help in the growth, development, and functioning of plants. 

1. Auxin:- This hormone is present in the seed embryo, young leaves, and apical buds' meristem.

It plays role in Stimulation of cell elongation, cell division in the cambium, differentiation of phloem and xylem, root initiation on stem cuttings, lateral root development in tissue culture.

Delaying leaf senescence. Promotion of fruit and leaf abscission through ethylene stimulation.

2. Cytokinin:- They are synthesized in roots and then transported to other parts of the plant.

 the main function of Cytokinin, Stimulation of cell division, the growth of lateral buds, and apical dominance and also help in Etioplasts converted into chloroplasts through stimulation of chlorophyll synthesis.

3.Ethylene:- Ethylene is present in the tissues of ripening fruits, nodes of stems, senescent leaves, and flowers.

 The Functions of Ethylene Leads to release of dormancy state and also play role in Leaf and fruit abscission.

4. Abscisic Acid:-Abscisic acid is found mostly near leaves, stems, and unripe fruit.

The Functions of Abscisic Acid Stimulation of a closing of stomata, Inhibition of shoot growth.

5. Gibberellin:-Gibberellins are present in the meristems of apical buds and roots, young leaves, and embryo.

The Functions of Gibberellins Stimulates stem elongation, Ends seed dormancy in plants that require light for the induction of germination.


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