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Climate Change: Carbon Footprint facts, role in global warming



What is the Carbon Footprint? Types of Carbon Footprints

Man-made climate change, or global warming, is caused by emissions of certain types of gases in the atmosphere, which is not only affecting the environment but also on the life of humans. Hence carbon footprint and carbon offsetting have become very relevant for today's era, which is working towards developing the understanding of gaseous emissions.

Carbon Footprint means the total carbon emissions made by one institution, person or product. This emission is in the form of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases.

According to the scientists, all the habits of human beings, ranging from catering to clothing, are the cause of the carbon footprint.
In other words, every work requires energy and carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide or CO2) is released, which is the most important gas to heat the earth.

The carbon dioxide or CO2 we produce in a day, month or year is our carbon footprint. By keeping it at least, the earth can be saved from the outbreak of climate change.

Carbon Footprint is classified into a type that is discussed below:
1. Organizational: All activities in organizations such as energy usage, industrial processes and company vehicles, emit carbon dioxide (CO2).
2. Products: Carbon dioxide (CO2) emits throughout the life of a product or service. 


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